The Benefits of Valplast Flexible Dentures

Valplast introduced their new flexible dentures in 1954 and since then, millions of patients suffering from adult tooth loss have experienced their many benefits. The nylon material used to make them allows these Valplast dentures to be flexible, comfortable, lightweight, and stronger than traditional dentures. Here are some of the many benefits from choosing Valplast flexible dentures.

They are hypoallergenic.

Traditional dentures are made with acrylic and metal, which have caused allergic reactions in some patients. Valplast flexible dentures are made from thermoplastics and contain no acrylic or metal, making them less likely to cause any negative reactions. The thermoplastic material is what makes the dentures so flexible and allows them to move easily with the mouth. This makes the Valplast flexible dentures a more comfortable fit than traditional dentures.

They are aesthetically pleasing.

Unlike traditional dentures that are held in place using visible metal clips, Valplast flexible dentures are designed to be virtually invisible in the mouth and they attach to the natural teeth with a thin plastic over the gum line. These flexible dentures come in different tones to match the natural color of the patient’s gums. They both look and feel natural so people can eat, talk, and show off their beautiful smiles without worrying that others will notice that they have in dentures.

They are durable.

While not permanent, Valplast flexible dentures are so strong that Valplast offers a lifetime warranty on them. They are also long-lasting, with many cases needing no modification for over 15 years when the dentures are treated with proper care in a healthy oral environment. The thermoplastic material that Valplast flexible dentures are made from does not absorb odors or stains, and is not easily broken. However, the synthetic teeth contained in the dentures are more susceptible to fracturing than the thermoplastic material, so care should be taken when handling them.

They are affordable and non-invasive.

Valplast flexible dentures are a considerably less expensive alternative to permanent dental implants and bridges. They also do not involve the long, invasive procedures that dental implants and bridges do. These dentures can be manufactured at a fairly quick pace and do not usually require multiple in-office visits for the patient to try them in. Another advantage is that more synthetic teeth can usually be added to a set of flexible dentures in the event that more adult teeth are lost.

They are easy to care for.

Just like with natural teeth, Valplast flexible dentures require frequent care and good oral hygiene, but caring for them is simple. Valplast recommends that toothbrushes and toothpaste not be used on their flexible dentures, because they can cause damage. The flexible dentures should be rinsed after eating, whenever possible, to remove the food particles from them and should be soaked in a cleaner regularly to keep them in top condition. Valplast has created a cleaner, called ValClean, specifically designed for use with their flexible dentures. When properly cared for, these dentures can last for several years.