A dental implant is a synthetic tooth root that a periodontist sets into the jaw to hold a bridge or a replacement tooth. A cylindrical and/or tapered post, it is usually made of titanium.

Dental implants are a positive solution for people with good oral health and have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, injury, or another reason. While high-tech, dental implants are more tooth-saving than traditional bridgework, as they do not depend on adjoining teeth for support.

Tooth implants are natural-looking and feeling, and with proper patient care, implants can last a lifetime. Long-term studies show improving success rates for implants.

Custom Abutment

A dental abutment is a connector placed on or built into the top of a dental implant. It connects the implant to the replacement tooth or teeth.

We are precision-engineered

We engineer all our abutments to fit with the implants for which they are designed. All components – screw, abutment and implant – are tuned to one another, to minimize complications, such as fracturing or the screw loosening, as well as biological complications, such as bone loss and bacterial penetration.

Screw Retained Crowns

Screw-Retained Implant Crowns are an aesthetic and strong solution for various situations, such as single-units which require easy retrievability of the crown or when limited vertical dimension is a concern.