Valplast® Flexible Partials

Valplast® flexible partials are made from a flexible plastic material which is virtually invisible. They do not require any metal clasps to hold them in place, and they are considered the most comfortable option by many dental patients. Known among users for the comfort and affordability, Valplast® flexible partials are a great option for your dental patients for their superior function, stress distribution, and innovation.

 Valplast® has been used in professional dentistry since 1954 when the functional and cosmetic limitations of existing partials changed how removable partial dentures are designed and fabricated. This nylon material, Valplast® Flexible Partialsknown for strength and flexibility in dentures and partials, is a viable alternative for full denture patients who have allergic reactions to acrylic or those looking for a more natural, comfortable option. Valplast® flexible partials blend in with the patient’s tissues and and are invisible in the mouth. The future of dentistry lies in metal free restorations, and Valplast® provides a great option.