Lucitone® Denture Base Resin

Lucitone® denture base resin, used with Success Injection System, offer excellent performance and versatility for full dentures or flexible partials. Lucitone® rates well for performance and aesthetics.

Lucitone® 199 is a leading denture base resin that has been used by dentist for years. It is a strong choice for both tissue and implant-supported full and partial dentures. It is aesthetically-pleasing, with  a balance between translucency and vein simulation. It is also known for high impact resistance and flexural strength. 

Lucitone® FRS Flexible Denture Resin is an injectable resin with customizable flexibility, high impact resistance, and transparency. It is used for aesthetic removable partial dentures and clear or colored clasps. It is available with a range of flexibility from a firmer design (1mm thickness) to a super flexible (1.5mm thickness) partial for customized restoration. The semi-crystalline nylon composition improves color stability and stain resistance, plus it is available in various shade options.