e.max® Crowns

Dental professionals across the globe have chosen IPS e.max® for over 100 million restorations and counting. IPS e.max® is a complete ceramic system with a variety of products processing techniques, which offer aesthetically-pleasing, metal-free solutions in most cases. It is the only lithium disilicate ceramic currently available for dentistry. Lithium disilicate ceramic is known or its toughness, durability, and opaque qualities which make it ideal for crowns. E.max® crowns are either milled from a pre-manufactured block or pressed from a pre-manufactured ingot. IPS e.max® is one of the most studied and tested materials in the dental industry. It has a track record of success unlike any other product today. When providing a patient with a definitive restoration, it is important to take this type of data into account and give them something that laboratories, dentists and patients can rely on.

e.max® Press

The flexural strength of IPS e.max® is more than 400 MPA. Dies are scanned then cad designed. Wax ups are milled on a 4 axis mill, then pressed for an exact fit.

 e.max® Layered

IPS e.max® layered has all the same characteristics and benefits as an e.max® crowns, but the facial is layered with a nano-fluorapatite ceramic for added translucency and internal staining and characterization. E.max® press and e.max® layered may also be combined for the same bridgework.