Diamond Zirconia Layered

The Diamond zirconia is the next generation of layered crowns, improving upon the stability of classic PFM. With a substructure milled from solid zirconia, combining bio-compatibility with more natural shading than metal copings, our layered zirconia crowns feature a ceramic build-up and greater transparency. Their transparency and MPA of 650-700 makes them an ideal choice for anterior placement.

Diamond is a high strength, milled to full contour, highly translucent zirconia restoration with NO porcelain layering. Diamond utilizes the latest technology available in our CAD/CAM product line. Ideal for posterior crowns and bridges.

Diamond Full Contour Zirconia

These layered restorations offer the finest in aesthetics, with a higher degree of transparency while maintaining stability. The Diamond zirconia crown is highly recommended for anterior restorations. 

• Ideal for posterior crowns and bridges • Esthetic bruxism option to full metal crowns and bridges • No special preparation • High degree of CAD/CAM precision • High strength translucent zirconia • Conventional cementation